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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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Publications I/2019

Clemens, Iris: Comment : Cultural Identities in Multilocal Spaces : bringing in multiplicityHide

The comment emphasizes upon the trinity of identity, space and connections or relations, referring to the contributions of the special issue. This perspective is used to ask for a concept of culture capturing the relationality of the social. Following the relational approach, any social actor has many identities while moving permanently between many social figurations, as e.g. network theory (White 2008) as a theory of the betweeness points out. Accordingly, a conceptualization of multiplicity of identities is a necessary component of theoretical approaches that catch up with these insights in a general emphasis on multiplicity (e.g. of space). What becomes visible is, that to grasp the multiplicity, fluidity and dynamics as well as the interdependency of identities and spaces (multilocal or else), their relationality must be focused upon. This challenges older disparities like local-global as well. In that sense, relationality is the key to bring identities, spaces and cultures together and integrate them into one concept that is capable of describing and analysing such different experiences represented in this volume.

Clemens, Iris: Comment: Cultural Identities in Multilocal Spaces : bringing in multiplicity. In: Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education: Studies of Migration, Integration, Equity, and Cultural Survival Bd. 13 (2019) Heft 1. - S. 68-72.

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Spies, Eva: Article: Being in Relation: A Critical Appraisal of Religious Diversity and Mission Encounter in MadagascarHide

This article presents a relational perspective on religious diversity and encounter. It argues that a relational perspective helps overcome notions of religious diversity that tend to be reductionist and rather static because they conceptualize diversity as the many subforms of a single instance or the parts of a whole. Accordingly, the article questions such notions and instead proposes to study the multiple relations in and through which religious actors and settings are constituted. The example of current mission work of a Nigerian Pentecostal church in Madagascar shows how religious actors and communities can be understood as products of continuous relational processes. Mission encounters are no longer viewed as encounters between discrete entities but as specific meshwork. To rethink diversity and mission encounters in relational terms not only takes up ideas of relational being in Madagascar but may also give new impulses to debates on religious exchange in plural contexts

Eva Spies. 2019. „Being in Relation: A Critical Appraisal of Religious Diversity and Mission Encounter in Madagascar“. Journal of Africana Religions 7 (1): 62-83.

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