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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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Publications I/2020

Boamah, Festus; Rothfuß, Eberhard: "Practical recognition" as a suitable pathway for researching just energy futuresHide

Governmental and non-governmental actors promoting the universalisation of energy access and a just energy distribution for all envision spatial energy justice and recognition. Yet how and the extent to which these considerations offer practical solutions to the energy needs and visions of different social groups simultaneously is less evident. This is particularly crucial in Ghana where a just, ‘state-driven’ electricity provision connotes recognition of privileges of citizenship and an aura of ‘modernity’. Many urban households in Ghana are keenly installing Solar Home Systems (SHS) to mitigate frequent grid power outages and ensure stability in the performance of social and energy-saving practices which grant them recognition as ‘enlightened’ social groups or as individuals staying au courant with modern energy technologies. Also, the Ghanaian government recently attempted to achieve spatial energy justice by providing free 500 W SHS to non-electrified, ‘territorially remote’ communities. Many community residents, however, claim the SHS facility restricts performances of ‘modern’ practices in comparison to fellow ‘Ghanaians’ who have access to electrical grids and that its acceptance may perpetually reduce them to ‘second-class’/‘old-fashioned citizens’. Our empirical evidence suggests that energy justice visions remain fuzzy unless they are set in relation to how and why practical solutions to the energy ‘needs’ and ‘visions’ of socially and spatially differentiated groups could be realised. We call this practical recognition. In this paper, we advocate practical recognition as a suitable alternative pathway for researching just energy futures by emphasizing connections between justice, human agency and entitlement notions.

Boamah, Festus; Rothfuß, Eberhard: "Practical recognition" as a suitable pathway for researching just energy futures: Seeing like a "modern" electricity user in Ghana. In: Energy Research & Social Science. Bd. 60 (2020), p. 1-12.

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Chang, Yongkyu (Ed.): "South Korea’s Engagement with Africa - A History of the Relationship in Multiple Aspects"Hide

This book represents the first scholarly attempt to summarize and analyze how Korea’s relationship with Africa has been shaped in policy and non-policy aspects. It shows how far it has come and where it goes. The book recognizes that Korea-Africa relations, though relatively new, break ground by acknowledging the importance of a diligent endeavor to carry out post-colonial development, and have continued to grow as we find promising progress and opportunities in the mutual cooperation between the two. This book is all-inclusive, covering Korea’s academic, economic, diplomatic, and civil engagements with Africa. It investigates untold aspects of Korea-Africa relations.

Chang, Yongkyu (Ed.): "South Korea’s Engagement with Africa - A History of the Relationship in Multiple Aspects", Palgrave Macmillan 2020.

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Lingelbach, Jochen: "On the Edges of Whiteness : Polish Refugees in British Colonial Africa during and after the Second World War"Hide

From 1942 to 1950, nearly twenty thousand Poles found refuge from the horrors of war-torn Europe in camps within Britain's African colonies, including Uganda, Tanganyika, Kenya and Northern and Southern Rhodesia. On the Edges of Whiteness tells their improbable story, tracing the manifold, complex relationships that developed among refugees, their British administrators, and their African neighbors. While intervening in key historical debates across academic disciplines, this book also gives an accessible and memorable account of survival and dramatic cultural dislocation against the backdrop of global conflict.

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Melina Kalfelis: "NGO als Lebenswelt Transnationale Verflechtungen im Arbeitsalltag von Entwicklungsakteuren"Hide

Der Arbeitsalltag westafrikanischer Entwicklungsakteure im Rahmen von NGO-Partnerschaften ist weitgehend unerforscht. Dass viele dieser Akteure selbst an der Schwelle zu einem Phänomen stehen, das in Entwicklungsdiskursen als »Armut« bezeichnet wird, findet kaum Beachtung. Diese Ethnografie führt die paradigmatischen Veränderungen der Internationalen Zusammenarbeit mit einer Analyse eines von Unsicherheiten geprägten Alltags in Burkina Faso zusammen. An der Schnittstelle von Theorie und Empirie werden neue Einsichten zu den Verflechtungen von NGO-Praktiken in Westafrika mit transnationalen Ordnungen der Entwicklungspraxis gewonnen.

Melina Kalfelis: "NGO als Lebenswelt Transnationale Verflechtungen im Arbeitsalltag von Entwicklungsakteuren", Campus 2020.

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Stasik, Michael; Hänsch, Valerie; Mains, Daniel: "Temporalities of waiting in Africa"Hide

The actual volume of Critical African Studies, “Temporalities of Waiting in Africa” reflects the outcome of the postdoc working group ‘Waiting for Futures’, being held at the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies in summer 2017. The consortium convened by Michael Stasik, Valerie Hänsch and Serawit Debele was set within the overarching theme of “Future Africa and Beyond: Visions in Time” at the Bayreuth Academy (funded by the BMBF), discussed the notions of “waiting” and “waithood" that had recently received scholarly attention from African and Africanist scholars. Taking selected works as a point of departure and building on individual research projects as they relate to waiting - religious practices (Debele), forced migration (Hänsch) and mobility (Stasik) -, “waiting” was interrogated as an analytical and descriptive category. The engagement with the concomitant themes of anticipatory temporalities and imaginative productions of futures led to sharpening existent conceptual categories of the complex and often contradictory ‘territories of waiting’, especially in relation to social construction of time and temporal construction of sociality. The papers at hand originated out of intense discussions and debates during a lecture series that took place in the summer semester and a workshop at the end of September 2017 at the University of Bayreuth.

Stasik, Michael; Valerie, Hänsch; Mains, Daniel: "Temporalities of waiting in Africa". In: Critical Africal Studies.  (2020), p. 1-9.

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