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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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Globalization and health policy in West Africa

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Project Summary

Globalization has won in momentum since the 1990s. Welcomed in international relations for its positive impacts on development, it has strong relationships with neoliberal thoughts and has shaped regional and national policies. The temporality and modality of these processes and their impacts at national and regional levels in West Africa are at the core of this research. This interdisciplinary work seeks to fill the gap of previous studies which missed to link Global Health movement to the changing structures and policies of health system at national as well as regional levels.

The goal is to understand not only the impact of global health on regional and local health systems reforms, but also to produce knowledge from a Global Health governance perspective that will help to better understand the shifting movement in international relations towards the globalization. The study will put a focus on ethics and rules pertaining to how international norms have become regional and national, thus, impacting the integration process in West African countries.

By addressing the processes, impacts, and meanings in global and local health policies, this study will be link to the research section “Moralities” in the African Cluster. Also, because of its globalisation and West African integration perspective, it will have some links with other research sections such as “Knowledges” and “Affiliations”.

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