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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Fluid Ontologies

introducing ontologies

21st June: Introducing Ontologies

The first session of the series “Round Table of Research Data Management” welcomed numerous participants from various disciplines and was aimed at starting a discussion on fluid ontologies as a key aspect and general outcome of the Digital Research Environment (DRE) of the Cluster. It is clear that ...more

Knowledge graphs

5th July: Knowledge Graphs

The second roundtable session focused on knowledge graphs and began with an introduction by Mirco Schönfeld to the vocabulary of and surrounding them. The first thing to note was that knowledge graphs do not have a singular definition. Their function, however, is the representation of knowledge. They ...more


19th July: Fluidity and Context

The third session of the Round Table Meetings was held under the topic of fluidity and context. Firstly, an introduction to the round table session and its topic by Mirco Schönfeld was held again. In this he stated that ontologies and fluidity are normally not connected, but well-known concepts within the ...more

Discussing fluidity

2nd August: Discussing Fluidity

The fourth session of the Round Table Meetings was held under the topic of Discussing Fluidity. It was used for discussions and building on the vocabulary from the previous session (19.07.2022). To kick-start the discussion, three questions were asked by ...more

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