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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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AfriKaleidoskop - "Mariannes Noires"

As part of the film and discussion series "AfriKaleidoskop" the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence invites the interested public to watch the streaming of the movie "Mariannes Noires" and join in the subsequent discussion.   ...more

Cluster Conference "Africa*n Relations: Modalities Reflected"

The 2021 conference of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence is designed to bring the Cluster's work on the theme of the past academic year “Modalities of Relations” to fruition.   ...more

Workshop: “Multifaceted Relations: Africa-Asia”

The workshop will bring together members of the Cluster who work on the Africa-Asia connections and give a platform to create synergies. It is meant to be a first step towards synergies between various research interests and different approaches.  ...more

Course on African Studies at BISS!

Register till 31 May for the Bayreuth Summer School Course in African Studies. The course on Africa – Asia relations is organized by Cluster deputy spokesperson Prof. Dr. Ute Fendler.   ...more

Register with us and stay informed!

The Cluster of Excellence would like to encourage all of its associates, partner and friends to sign up for the latest news and information.   ...more

The Cluster launches its first podcast series!

The Cluster launches its first podcast series!

The research section “Mobilities” has turned its Sprint lectures on African mobilities into a podcast series. Check out the episodes here.   ...more

Black Lives Matter

The Academic Committee of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence, in its capacity as the Cluster’s highest decision-making body, has released an official statement to clarify its stance on racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.   ...more

Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Find a list of our recent publications here.  ...more

Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence

Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence

The "Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence" pursues an ambitious and innovative agenda, expressed in the subtitle "Reconfiguring African Studies".  ...more

Research Section

Research Sections

Six thematic fields, organized into Research Sections (Affiliations, Art & Aesthetics, Knowledges, Learning, Mobilities and Moralities) provide a coherent structure to our research projects.   ...more

African Cluster Centres

We collaborate with four African Cluster Centres on the continent that are equipped with the financial means for own research, contributing to the cluster’s agenda.  ...more

Knowledge Lab

Located at the centre of its research activities, the Knowledge Lab interlinks the cluster’s three main research structures: the African Cluster Centres, the Academy, and the Research Sections. ...more

Important Dates & Events

Want to know what's going on in the Cluster? By clicking on Important Dates, you'll find a list of important upcoming events to put in your calendars. ...more

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