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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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About WissKI

WissKI@UBT is designed to make searching and exploration of research data more intuitive and user-friendly within the Research Data Management Systems (RDMSs) of the African Cluster Centres and the university of Bayreuth. The RDMS for the University of Bayreuth is called RDSpace@UBT. The figure below illustrates the overall structure of WissKI@UBT and its integration with the RDMSs in ACC.

WissKI@UBT empowers users to effortlessly search and explore research data, facilitating the discovery of collaboration opportunities and gaining insights into ongoing research activities. Moreover, users can uncover new research questions or previously unexplored research directions. All these will lead to contributing to reconfiguring African Studies.

Data and Metadata Intake into WissKI@UBT and RDMS

High-quality metadata plays a crucial role in increasing the visibility of researchers' data and, consequently, their research among a broader range of peers. Making WissKI@UBT and RDMSs is a collaborative development process with the researchers and DRE team, your data input and opinions are greatly valued and will be reflected in WissKI@UBT in an iterative process.
This data is integrated into RDMSs and subsequently into WissKI@UBT following two stages of consultation: general consultations and technical consultations. The details of what these consultations encompass are illustrated in the diagram below. For further enquiries please contact africamultiple-digital@uni-bayreuth.de

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