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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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Science Communication Officer (up to 50% FTE)Hide

Applications are invited for a part-time (up to 50%, TV-L 13) position of Science Communication Officer at the Research Center for Environmental Economics, Heidelberg University.

The Communication Officer will be part of an interdisciplinary sustainability project focused on East Africa. The project examines the current state and management alternatives regarding a threatened socio-ecological resource system, the Lake Victoria Nile perch fishery. More information is available here: www.multitip.de. The post is initially limited until May 2023, with the possibility of being extended for an additional two years subject to funding. The intended start date is as soon as possible.

This is an exciting opportunity to work as part of an interdisciplinary research team (including environmental and behavioral economics, fishery biology, mathematical modeling, environmental and cognitive psychology) in a large project. This work contributes towards identifying barriers and solutions to conservation and management issues, which will likely inform regional policy and contribute to the natural resource management literature.

Candidates should be enthusiastic about science communication and have a clear interest in socio-ecological research in the Lake Victoria Region. Main tasks are:

  • Stakeholder and participant communication that connects the researchers in the different components of the project with the stakeholders on the ground.
  • Communicating, through a variety of channels and media, advances and outcomes of the project to its main stakeholders, internal and external, and the general public.
  • Leading the organization of seminars and outreach events.
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary communication;
  • Ensuring timely and productive intra-project communication

To fulfill the role, candidates should be able to work reliably with a large degree of autonomy within a team of researchers. Own initiative and creativity are valued. The ideal candidate will propose and lead the implementation of new strategies to strengthen project impact among a wider range of stakeholders and beneficiaries (e.g., regional policymakers, LV and German general population, etc.).
Requirements are:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in environmental studies, geography, economics, or political sciences or another relevant field. A Master’s degree is preferable.
  • Professional proficiency in English and German. Additional Swahili language skills are an advantage.
  • Relevant experience in science and policy communication.

The closing date for application is June 3rd, or until the position is filled. To apply, send the following four items as a single pdf-file to office-eco@awi.uni-heidelberg.de:

  • a letter of motivation
  • a current CV
  • two letters of recommendation or contact details of two referees
  • samples of science communication products the candidate has led or been involved in (e.g. webpages, policy notes, etc.).

For any questions about this vacancy, please contact Dr Santiago Gomez-Cardona: santiago.gomez@awi.uni-heidelberg.de).

Call for papers: "Reimagining Migration in(out) of Africa in the Post-Pandemic World. Taking Stock and Building Resilience"Hide

Reimagining Migration in(out) of Africa in the Post-Pandemic World.
Taking Stock and Building Resilience
Thursday 29th September – Saturday 1st October 2022
African Studies Group (ASG) &
African Research and Engagement in Australia (AREiA) initiative
The University of Melbourne, Australia.

The ‘Reimagining Migration in(out) of Africa’ Conference seeks to bring together scholars (students, faculty, and researchers), advocates, practitioners, policymakers, and community members within and outside Australia for a conversation on the increasing politicisation of mobility in and out of the African continent and the experiences of migrant communities and their resilient cultures. It builds on our 2021 Solidarity in Diversity Conference and the 2020
Borders, and Identities and Belonging in a Cosmopolitan Society Conference.

Call for Papers/Presentation Proposals

We invite papers and presentation proposals of up to 300 words on any related topic, particularly those focused on migrations in(out) of Africa and the global South and the experiences of migrant communities and their resilient cultures.

For academics and graduate researchers: Submit your abstracts here: https://forms.gle/5LviCK36A8Wy4HsV9
For practitioners and community members:
Submit your presentation proposals here: https://forms.gle/hP7BYbGV5oMdKZwf9.

If you wish to propose roundtables or different presentation formats, please contact the organising team at africanstudiesgroup@gmail.com.

  • For more information regarding the conference, please click here.
Call for contributions for the Cluster Conference's Knowledge SlamHide

Dear collegues, researchers and Cluster members,

we would like to warmly invite you to contribute to the Knowledge Slam of the Cluster of Excellence's annual Conference by using a particular form of presenting and sharing knowledge, questions and thoughts regarding challenges in the digital space.

This Slam should entail presentations in Pecha Kucha-Style*. Therefore welook forward to your contribution and presentations of about seven minutes, followed by a short discussion afterwards with regard toresearch questions or any topics that may have arisen.

We welcome a variety of inputs from the various groups, projects andpartners of the Cluster, especially from the African Cluster Centres, forexample on:

  • Databases and digitisation <-> research
  • Digital art exhibitions online
  • Fluid ontologies
  • Disciplines and their needs
  • Networks
  • Practicalities of creating an archive or database

The mediality of projects that are initiated within the Africa Multiple Cluster ofExcellence reflect the multiplicity of practices and phenomena of culture thatoccur in vast forms of cultural, social and economic production. These facetsare a challenge and an opportunity for Digital Solutions to jointly developdatabase strategies with researchers to reconfigure African Studies on a datalevel.

In Bafut, Cameroon, the nggam or anga (earth spider) is the mediator between the pastand the future. The nggam is the embodiment of accumulated knowledge and endowedwith the ability to communicate with the ancestors and is commissioned by thengambeman to impart concerns to the king of the ances-tors and bring their wisdom backup.

1. In other terms, the act of “consignation”, as Jacques Derrida coined it, or theassemblage of signs and its potential, lies at the core of our approach to how we store,visualise and disseminate knowledge.
2. This occurs in manifold ways across various mediums and includes databases andarchives as particular forms of cultural techniques, or the spider silk as we see it.

As methods of translation deviate and the mediality of our consultations are as varied asthe wisdom conveyed by the nggam, we seek to expand our knowledge by invitingquestions and comments, thoughts and ideas.

Please hand in your application to:
Dr. Anke Schürer-Ries, Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence (anke.schuerer-ries@uni-bayreuth.de)
and/or Alexandra Kuhnke, M.A., Iwalewahaus (alexandra.kuhnke@uni-bayreuth.de)

Deadline: 31. May 2022

To access this call in PDF format, please click here.

Relating the Cluster Centres: The Africa Multiple Mobility ProgrammeHide

Realising the growing interest in collaborative research at the various centres, the possibility to visit one of the centres is crucial. The Africa Multiple Cluster therefore establishes a mobility programme.

The objectives are:
(1) To join ongoing projects in order to share expertise and to learn from one another
(2) To join a research group in order to work together on a new project or to create synergies between projects and/or Research Sections
(3) To give lectures and seminars at the respective centres. This can take place in the context of PhD programmes as well as in the context of ongoing or envisaged projects.
(4) To utilise library holdings and/or archival collections of the respective centre to be visited
It is recommended to combine (1) or (2) with (3).

The stay will be financed for up to 4 weeks, with a possible renewal for another month (e.g. if necessary in archive-based research). The allowances will be the respective local ones (please see the table below).

Members of the Cluster can apply for this mobility allowance. This applies in particular to Cluster members at the five Centres (Bayreuth, Eldoret, Lagos, Makhanda, Ouagadougou); and to members of the University of Bayreuth.

The mobility scheme also includes the UFBA / Salvador de Bahia, being the only privileged partner outside of Africa in the Global South. We foresee an extension of the programme to other privileged partner institutions or cooperation partners after the first year of the programme.

The application will be handled by a committee, i.e. the Vice Deans of Research and of Internationalisation, together with two ACC directors and a gender & diversity representative of one of the ACCs. Please send your application to africamultiple-international@uni-bayreuth.de within the respective deadline.

The application should include
- A letter of motivation that elaborates on the outline of the objectives of the stay describing the activities planned at the host institution. The letter should include a statement that there is no possibility to finance the stay via other funding e.g. in the framework of an ongoing research project, or a conference/workshop trip.
- A letter of invitation by the host institution and the confirmation of the planned activities
- Envisaged outcome (e.g. paper, lecture, publication)
- A cost plan: estimated travel costs, per diems (according to the attached list).

The deadlines for 2022 are: 31st March, 30th June, 30th September

The stay can be financed for up to 4 weeks. The allowances will be equivalent to the respective local ones (please see the table below). A self-financed longer stay, up to one month, is possible, subject to visa regulations. Matched funding would also be welcome if e.g., the home institution can take in charge the travel costs, the host institution will take in charge the per diems.

A Committee (see Application) will select eligible applications. The selection accompanied by a list of all applications will be reported to the Cluster Management Board. The Management Board will take the final decision.

Costs you can apply for
International travel: flights (economy), train/public transport
Per diem/accommodation: according to the local rates (see table)
Health insurance: It is strongly advised that you have your own insurance
Visa cost: yes

In short:
Lagos: stay/per diem approx. € 750/month, accommodation in the University guesthouse for visiting researchers approx. € 300/month.
Moi/Eldoret: stay/per diem incl. overnight stay approx. € 1.200/month.
Ki-Zerbo/Ouagadougou: stay/per diem incl. overnight stay in guest house approx. € 915/month
Rhodes/Makhanda: stay/per diem approx. € 468/month, overnight stay approx. € 430/month
Bayreuth max € 2500/ month (equivalent to guest per diems)

Overview of the Centres regularities (6th Feb 2022, details are subject to change)

a. 2500€
b. 1000 € (fellows
 with a salary)
ca. 750 €/ monthSubsistence
 = €1,200 per
for academic staff:
 20.000 CFA per
 day, 600 000
 month (<1000 €
 per month) for
 Guest House room
 and for eating.
 allowance /
500 € + 250 €
 partner + 250 €
 children (all
amounts p.m.)
University housing
 for visiting scholars (full apartment = two rooms with all facilities, subsidized by the UNILAG): ca. 300 €/ month. Will be paid directly to the Uni and not deduced from allowance
 cost is paid
 R6000 to 10 000
 (8000R = 430€)
 in other words,
 it is an
 cost to be borne
 by the
No extra
 allowance; fellows
 are advised to take
 an extra insurance
 if necessary
advisable to have a
health insurance
Staff Fellowship
 Health insurance
 = €75 per
 month, is paid
advisable to have a
 health insurance
advisable to
 have a
ealth insurance
Praktikum im Bayerischen AfrikabüroHide

Das Bayerische Afrikabüro mit Sitz in Addis Abeba sucht zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt einen Praktikanten (m/w/d) in Vollzeit.

  • Dauer: mindestens drei, maximal sechs Monate
  • Ort: aufgrund der Sicherheits-/Pandemielage am Standort Addis Abeba soll das Praktikum virtuell absolviert werden
  • Vergütung: eine Vergütung des Praktikums ist vorgesehen

Das Bayerische Afrikabüro untersteht der Bayerischen Staatskanzlei und fördert den Auf- und Ausbau langfristiger Partnerschaften zwischen afrikanischen und bayerischen Akteuren in den Bereichen der wirtschaftlichen, der wissenschaftlichen, der kulturellen und der entwicklungspolitischen Zusammenarbeit. Geographisch konzentriert sich die Arbeit des Büros vor allem auf die vier Schwerpunktregionen Bayerns in Afrika (Äthiopien, Senegal, Südafrika und Tunesien) sowie auf panafrikanische Initiativen unter Einbezug der Afrikanischen Union.

Ihre Aufgaben:

  • Unterstützung bei der Begleitung und Weiterentwicklung konkreter Kooperationsformate zwischen bayerischen und afrikanischen Akteuren
  • Unterstützung bei der Beobachtung, Recherche und Berichterstattung über politische und sozioökonomische Entwicklungen in Äthiopien, Senegal, Südafrika, Tunesien und auf Ebene der Afrikanischen Union
  • Unterstützung bei der Organisation von Veranstaltungen des Afrikabüros
  • Unterstützung bei der Konzeption und Vorbereitung von Delegationsreisen der Bayerischen Staatsregierung/des Bayerischen Landtags nach Afrika

Ihr Profil:

  • EU-Staatsbürger/in, vorzugsweise mit einem klaren Bezug zu Bayern
  • Student/in oder Absolvent/in (vorzugsweise bereits mit abgeschlossenem Bachelorstudium) mit (sehr) guten Leistungen und internationaler Ausrichtung
  • Sehr gute schriftliche und mündliche Ausdrucksfähigkeit in deutscher und englischer Sprache; Kenntnisse des Französischen, Arabischen oder Amharischen sind von Vorteil
  • Praktische Vorerfahrung in einem internationalen Berufskontext
  • Klar dargelegtes Interesse an der Zusammenarbeit mit dem afrikanischen Kontinent
  • Fähigkeit, selbstständig und flexibel in einem interkulturellen Team an mehreren Standorten zu arbeiten
  • Zuverlässigkeit, Diskretion und hohe Leistungsbereitschaft

Bitte richten Sie Ihre vollständige Bewerbung ̶ bestehend aus einem Anschreiben (max. 1 Seite), Lebenslauf (max. 2 Seiten) und unterstützenden Referenzen ̶ an bewerbung.addisabeba@internationaloffice.bayern. Alle Unterlagen sollten in einem einzigen PDF-Dokument zusammengeführt werden und die Größe von 3 MB nicht überschreiten. Bewerbungen werden fortlaufend nach ihrem Eingang entgegengenommen und geprüft.

Student Assistant  (w/m/d) with the Junior Research Group Politics of the Unknown"Hide

** This call is also available in English and French.

Die Junior Research Group (JRG) „Politics of the Unknown“ des Exzellenzclusters „Africa Multiple“ der Universität
Bayreuth sucht ab dem 15.10.2021 eine

Studentische Hilfskraft (w/m/d)

Das Tätigkeitsfeld umfasst:

  • Transkribieren von Interviews und Focus Group Diskussionen (auf französisch)
  • Unterstützung der JRG-Mitglieder bei administrativen Aufgaben (Uni-intern und bürokratische Unterstützung ausländischer Doktoranden in Bayreuth)
  • Kommunikation mit externen Wissenschaftler*innen und Künstler*innen innerhalb und außerhalb des Forschungsprojekts
  • Recherchetätigkeiten zu den Themenfeldern Verschwörungstheorien, politische Soziologie, Afrikawissenschaften, biographische Sozialforschung, Mixed Methods
  • Unterstützung bei Organisation und Durchführung von Veranstaltungen (z.B. Blockseminar, Workshops)


  • 20 bis 40 Stunden / Monat (je nach Kapazitäten; bitte bei der Bewerbung angeben)
  • Nach Absprache flexible Arbeitszeiten
  • Vergütung gemäß den geltenden Regelungen für studentische Hilfskräfte

Wir erwarten:

  • Sehr gute Französisch- und Englisch-Kenntnisse
  • Erfahrung in Transkription und sozialwissenschaftlicher Methodik
  • Kommunikative Kompetenz, Aufgeschlossenheit und schnelle Auffassungsgabe
  • Selbstständigkeit, Eigeninitiative, sicheres Auftreten und Teamfähigkeit
  • Erfahrungen im Bereich Büro- und Projektmanagement und gute EDV-Kenntnisse
  • Fachliches Interesse an der Thematik der Junior Research Group und an einer längerfristigen Mitarbeit

Wir bieten:

  • Ein interdisziplinäres Umfeld in einem spannenden Forschungsprojekt
  • Möglichkeiten zur inhaltlichen Mitarbeit und erste Erfahrungen in transdisziplinärer Forschung

Bei Interesse richten Sie Ihre aussagekräftige Bewerbung (inkl. CV und Motivationsschreiben) zusammengefasst in
einer PDF-Datei) ausschließlich per E-Mail und mit dem möglichen Beginn des Arbeitsverhältnisses unter dem Betreff „HSK JRG Politics of the Unknown“ an: joschka.philipps@uni-bayreuth.de

Eingehende Bewerbungen werden unabhängig von Gesichtspunkten wie Herkunft, Staatsangehörigkeit, Religion,
Geschlecht, Identität oder Behinderung der*s Absender*in gelesen. Bewerbungen von Gruppenangehörigen im
Sinne von Gender und Diversität sind ausdrücklich erwünscht.

Weitere Informationen zum Exzellenzcluster Africa Multiple finden Sie unter: www.africamultiple.uni-bayreuth.de

Mitarbeiter:in "IT / Website Mainentance im IwalewahausHide

*English text below*

Gerne würden wir DICH im Iwalewahaus -Team willkommen heißen:

IT / Websitepflege gesucht

Für die Pflege der Website des Iwalewahaus suchen wir eine:n Mitarbeiter:in, für 5h / Woche als studentische Hilfskraft. Neben Kenntnissen in der Pflege von CMS sind Sprachkenntnisse in deutsch und english unbedingt erforderlich.

Das CMS ist Fiona7 (wird auf Fiona8 umgestellt). Als Projektorganisationstool wird gitlab genutzt.

In erster Linie geht es um die Erstellung der Events im Programm und Ausstellungsankündigungen. Inhalt wird geliefert, bei der Umsetzung ist ein ästhetischer Blick unbedingt erforderlich, sowohl bei der Bild als auch in der Text-Umsetzung.

Kenntnisse in der Gestaltung von barrierefreien Websites von Vorteil, aber kein muss.

Zeitpunkt: Ab September 2021

Für Fragen oder Bewerbungen melde dich bitte bei Inken Bößert, inken.boessert@uni-bayreuth.de

We would like to welcome YOU to the Iwalewahaus team:

IT / Website Maintenance

For the maintenance of the website of the Iwalewahaus we are looking for a student assistant for 5 hours per week. Besides knowledge in CMS maintenance, language skills in German and English are absolutely necessary.

The CMS is Fiona7 (will be converted to Fiona8). The project organisation tool is gitlab.

The main task is to create the events in the programme and exhibition announcements. Content is provided, an aesthetic eye is absolutely necessary in the implementation, both in the image and in the text implementation.

Knowledge of accessible website design an advantage, but not a must.

Starting date: September 2021

For questions or applications please contact Inken Bößert, inken.boessert@uni-bayreuth.de

Webmaster: Farzam Abrishami

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