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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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The Digital Research Environment is concerned with all aspects of digital data as generated and processed in the data life cycle of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence.

One of our main objectives as a Digital Research Environment (DRE) team is to enable digital collaborations with our Cluster partners in Africa and other international long-standing partner universities and institutions.

We are a diverse and interdisciplinary team of four data curators, the Vice Dean for Digital Solutions, Prof. Dr. Cyrus Samimi, and work in close cooperation with the computer scientists from the Chair for Databases and Information Systems and the Junior Chair for Data Modelling and Interdisciplinary Knowledge Generation.


We are intertwined with the RDM-team of the University of Bayreuth, which comprises colleagues from the IT department, the Office of Research Support, and the Bayreuth University library.

The Digital Research Environment encompasses the following tasks and objectives:

Knowledge Information System: WissKI

We are developing a Knowledge Information System based on fluid ontology modelling and a graph-based database by using the open-source virtual research environment WissKI.

Digital University Collections

We work on the curation of the university object and media collections, especially with easydb.

Research Data Management (RDM)

For the handling of research data, we offer advice on creating research data management plans, publishing and archiving research data and the quality management of research data.


We provide individual consultation and data management training courses, in webinars and course rooms.

Webmaster: Dr. Doris Löhr

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