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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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Launched in 1965 as the scientific divulgation vehicle of the Centro de Estudos Afro-Orientais (CEAO), Afro-Ásia remains the most important Brazilian peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to topics related to the African Diaspora, Africa and Asia in all fields of the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

CEAO was the first Brazilian academic institution of its genre, and was, since its inception in 1959, active in establishing university mobility programs with the African continent. Its founding researchers worked and studied in African universities, and CEAO hosted the first African university students in Brazil. Soon, the center was recognized as a focal point of articulation for anti-racist struggles, especially due to its always intense dialogue with Candomblé communities, the Black movement, and organic intellectuals. In time, this helped Afro-Ásia to reach out to a wider audience, in Brazil and Latin America at large. Publication by African scholars, however, has historically been low and limited to Portuguese-speaking countries. Currently, Afro-Ásia seeks to help build stronger intellectual networks between Africa and Afro-Latin-America. We understand Brazilian scholarship needs to listen more carefully to African research agendas, theoretical debates, and methodological concerns and innovations.

Afro‑Ásia offers full open access (free, unlimited and immediate) to its whole collection, and does not require that authors pay any type of article processing charge (APC) or other fee. Afro‑Ásia will consider submissions of original and innovative manuscripts in English, French, or Spanish, but a professional-level translation into Portuguese must be provided by the author if the article is accepted for publication. The editors will be glad to help authors find a suitable translator if needed.

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