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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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Development beyond Aid: Labour, Livelihoods and Development

2021-09-23 09:00 - 11:30


This roundtable writes into the ongoing attempts to conceptualise relations between the Global North and South without centring either aid or diplomacy. In this context, we attempt to consider labour, livelihood making and the forms of social organisation that accompany these as ways to enact ‘development’ and to consider the ongoing relationships that shape what ‘development means’. We hold interests in workers’ unions, informal collectives and daily labour practices, exploring each as entwined through the promises of personal and national development and as potential sites for economic growth and solidaritious connection. However, we also hold an interest in considering how sites of work reflect and incorporate colonial norms and how narratives of shareholder privilege and neoliberal entrepreneurialism shape working conditions and union’s organisation capacity in the Global South; as well as how labour is shaped by the faltering power of northern states and the increasing power of transnational companies and of Chinese capital. As we interact with these seemingly challenging alternatives routes to development, we do a retrospection of prior development vehicles such as aid which has received push back in scholarship, calling for deeper and wider conversations on the way forward.


Presentations Australia
5:05 - 5:20  Dr. Tom Macnamara
5:20 - 5:35  Dr. Matthew Mabefam

5:35 - 5:50  Q & A

Presentations Bayreuth
5:50 - 6:05  Frederik Wild
6:05 - 6:20  Dr. Boadi Frempong
6:20 - 6:35  Prof. Dr. Andrea Behrends
6:35 - 7:00  Q & A

7:00 - 7:35  Discussion and Next Steps

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