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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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ICDL Keynote event

Thursday 02.02.2023

ICDL Keynote event

The planned ICDL Keynote event is a book launch of the edited volume:

African Women in Digital Spaces: Redefining Social Movements on the Continent and in the Diaspora.

From Tamale to Paris, Hong Kong to Texas and bacj to Ouagadougou, this collection of scholarly chapters, poetry and personal essays theorize the lives of African women and people of marginalized genders on the continent and the diaspora. The book is an important intervention in conversations on social movements and hteir convergence with digital media and other praxis tools.
The contributors bring a refreshing perspective to discourses on African feminists‘ agency and how this manifests in their organizing a physical world and in the digital public sphere. The volume demonstrates the relationshops between the struggles of African feminists on the continent and the diaspora chariting partways for African scholars to build coalitions and work toward collective liberation.

The accompanying round table discussion will be the critical aspect of this book launch.

The current planned book launch and round table discussion continues the conversation begun at the Decolonising African Medias Studies Round Table, organised by the GDO for the Cluster’s Annual Conference on ‘Medialities’ in July this year.

At the same time, this conversation is meant to also chart intersections and overlaps between geophysical, geopolitical and digital spatialities, ICDL concepts, citizenship and belonging between the continent and the diasporas,
Among relevant foci are digital literacy and power relations, potentials of decolonisation of knowledge and knowledge production practices in digital spaces, and more conscious critical engagements with African women’s scholarship.
This event is thus pertinent for theoretical and conceptual work towards the Cluster's annual theme of Spatialities

The book launch and the Round Table will feature the editors

  • Dr. Wunpini Mohamed (University of Georgia, USA) and
  • Dr. Msia Clark (Howard University, USA)

Further Round Table participants are:

  • Ms. Elizabeth Ohene, Ghanaian journalist and feminist activist
  • Dr. Winston Mano, Zimbabwean-British African media studies scholar, CAMRI, University of Westminster, UK
  • Dr. Anke-Schürer-Ries, South African-German data curator from the Digital Data Solutions Portfolio with African Multiple Cluster, University of Bayreuth

The event will be chaired by Dr. Christine Vogt-William, the Director of the Gender and Diversity Office (GDO) of the Africa Multiple Cluster.

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