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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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Transoceanic Musical Lectures with Jean Luc Raharimanana and Alexandre Vieira

Monday 15.05.2023, 07:30 pm
Kulturhaus Neuneinhalb, Bayreuth

On 15 May 2023 the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence presents a concert and reading with Jean Luc Raharimanana from Madagascar and Alexandre Vieira from Brazil. Jean Luc Raharimanana is currently in Bayreuth and accompanying the Cluster's events and activities as Cluster Chronicler. Alexandre Vieira is currently artist fellow at the Cluster of Excellence.



Jean Luc Raharimanana is a writer from Madagascar who combines writing, theatre, music and photography in his works. Through lyrical, sensuous language influenced by oral tradition, the author portrays not only the beauty of nature but poverty and squalor. In his work, legends and old superstitions are juxtaposed with contemporary political events.


Alexandre Vieira is Brazilian bass player and singer that melts his playing with his singing and vice versa, creating, improvising or just playing songs. His music is the sound of his hometown Salvador da Bahia navigating through other cultures, from classical to jazz.

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