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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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Cluster Chronicles with Jean Luc Raharimanana


Cluster chronicles with Raharimanana

In the month of May, Jean Luc Raharimanana from Madagascar will accompany the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence's activities and sharing his reactions, observations and views on various platforms of the Cluster. Stay tuned for his insights here and on the Social Media accounts of the Cluster! During his stay, he will also be featured in a number of Cluster events so keep your eyes open for those as well!

Short Bio:

Jean Luc Raharimanana is a poet, novelist, playwright and editor. As a  committed artist, he attacks words, kneads their meaning until their musicality penetrates deep into the reader, anchors the memory in the body, and makes an act of beauty in the saying and the writing t rying to bring out the relational aspects.In a lyrical and poetic style, despite the crossing of violence and the tormented history of Madagascar, he is looking for relational sees all the beauty of our world.

The theater occupies a preponderant place in his career. He is the author of numerous plays and musical tales, and brings his texts to the stage. In 2014, he founded the company SoaZara, bringing together playwrights, musicians, video artists and dancers.

He is also the director of the "Fragments" collection at Vents d'ailleurs. He works as a lecturer and translatorconducts master classes and holds writing workshops with institutions and theaters on the Francophone question. In September 2021, he co-founded with Nassuf Djailani the publishing house Project'Îles.

  • 15.05.2023 Transoceanic Musical Lectures with Jean Luc Raharimanana and Alexandre Vieira - more info here
  • 19.-23.05.2023 - Swahili Coloquium - more info here
  • 24.05.-31.07.2023 - Exhibition "Trajectories" at Iwalewahaus - more info here
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