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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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Fellow Portrait Dr. Susanne Mohr: “I am looking forward to stimulating discussions with like-minded colleagues from various disciplines” - 30.04.2020

Dr. Susanne Mohr started her fellowship at the University of Bayreuth right when the Corona crisis was starting to affect the campus the beginning of March. However, the scholar is determined to make the best of her stay benefitting from and contributing to the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence as much as possible for the duration of her fellowship. ...more

#LockdownVoices: Cluster of Excellence creates new facebook hashtag - 28.04.2020

By asking artists associated with the Cluster of Excellence and its members how they cope with the current situation and posting their answers and contributions online the Cluster created its very own hashtag: #LockdownVoices can be found on all social media channels of the Cluster. ... more

Reconfiguring African Studies Workshop at Kenyan Moi University - 27.04.2020

The African Cluster Centre (ACC) of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya invited representatives of other ACCs to discuss questions on the topic of “Reconfiguring African Studies” during a workshop held from 19 to 21 February 2020. ...more

Cluster intends to increase research related cooperation within the Cluster network - 27.04.2020

During a visit at Rhodes University in South Africa the Deputy Spokesperson of the Cluster Prof. Dr. Ute Fendler and the Cluster’s Vice Dean of research Prof. Dr. Erdmute Alber discussed the future of the Cluster’s research cooperation within its international network in general and among the Cluster and its five African Cluster Centers in particular. ...more

„On Worlds and Artworks” mirrors work of Research section "Arts and Aesthetics" - 27.04.2020

From 10 to 14 February 2020, the Research Section “Arts and Aesthetics” organized its first workshop with the title “On Worlds and Artworks”. It took place partly in the Research Institute of Music Theater (FIMT) in Thurnau and partly in Iwalewahaus, mirroring the broad range of arts represented in the Research Section. ...more

Workshop on “Data and Theoretical Perspectives on Colonial Letters" - 26.04.2020

The inaugural workshop of the research project “Colonial Letters and the Contact of Knowledges” organized by Glory Essien Otung and Eric A. Anchimbe took place the beginning of March 2020. Titled “Data and Theoretica Perspectives on Colonial Letters” the workshop discussed the outlines of the project offering participants a detailed insight into the project’s aims and objects. ...more

Imagine The Scenery - an Essay of Nigerian Artist Aderemi Adegbite - 21.04.2020

The Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence has asked African artists how the current situation is affecting their work and wanted to know about the impact on their respective creative process. In this essay, Nigerian multimedia artist Aderemi Adegbite is contemplating the unique situation from his point of view. ... more

SKAnning Space from Africa: Seeing and Becoming - 23.04.2020

As the culmination of the multilateral postdoc working group “SKAnning Space from Africa: Seeing and Becoming” focusing on the largest radio telescope on earth, the Square Kilometer Array (SKA), an interdisciplinary workshop took place in Bayreuth from 10 to 14 February 2020. ...more

Mozambican artist Nuno Silas: "My ideas explore the timeless and different problems of the human condition" - 24.04.2020

Like many others, Mozambican artist Nuno Silas was surprised by the pandemic. In this interview, Silas, currently attending the University of Bayreuth, explains where the inspiration for his creative process came from and how he is coping with the current situation. ...more

The Cluster and Uni BT welcome Professor Ndlovu-Gatsheni - 22.04.2020

The Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence and the University of Bayreuth have just announced that a new member will join the research organization this summer: Professor Dr. Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni. ...more

The Activities of the Postdoc Working Group “Shakespearean Pasts, African Futurities: Entanglements of Memory, Temporalities and Knowledge(s)” - 21.04.2020

The Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence is promoting working formats for postdoctoral researchers and advanced doctoral candidates by inviting working groups to do research on a specific topic within the Cluster setting. Lasting for one term, these working groups may nominate fellows and integrate those already present in the Cluster into their project. ...more

New online lecture series on “African Literature” - 16.04.2020

For the upcoming academic semester the Cluster’s PI Prof. Dr. Susan Arndt has developed a new lecture series. “African Literature – Histories, Pillars and Visions” will review an array of various examples of African literature. Due to the rules of social distancing this lecture series will be held online via zoom. ...more

Expert from the University of Bayreuth: “Society must learn to live with coronavirus.” - 06.04.2020

Protective measures, vaccinations, but above all a robust health system have enabled coexistence with SARS-CoV-2, says Prof. Dr. Uli Beisel, drawing on her research on malaria and Ebola epidemics. Beisel is a social anthropologist and member of the “Africa Multiple” cluster of excellence at the University of Bayreuth, where she teaches “Culture & Technology in Africa”. ...more

Africa-researcher on the current handling of the corona-virus pandemic on the continent - 03.04.2020

Prof. Dr. Andrea Behrends is Professor for Anthropology in Africa and is member of the "Africa Multiple" Cluster of Excellence at the University of Bayreuth. Her research looks at the management of so-called crisis situations in African contexts. She focuses on mobility, flight, conflict, and intervention. In an interview – recently having returned from Senegal – she reports on aspects of the coronavirus crisis there. ... more

Cluster Activities Cancelled until 20 April 2020 - 19.03.2020

The Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence has issued a statement regarding the latest developments concerning the Corona virus and the implications for the Cluster’s upcoming planned events. ...more

Reconfiguring Mobility Struggles – reflections on a workshop that was not - 16.03.2020

The workshop “Understanding Africa’s Mobility Struggles” planned for the end of March in Uganda was postponed to a later date due to implications of the corona virus. Dr. Jochen Lingelbach, one of the workshop’s conveners, reflects on the situation. ...more

New Year Lecture: Figuring out How to Reconfigure African Studies - 24.02.2020

The dean of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Seesemann invited the interested public to the first annual New Year Lecture on 16 January 2020. He took it upon himself to hold the inaugural speech titled “Figuring out how to reconfigure African Studies” giving interesting insights in what it is the Cluster is trying to achieve. ...more

Talking moral talks with Dr. Joe Spencer-Bennett - 22.02.2020

From 29 through 31 January 2020 Dr. Joe Spencer-Bennett was invited by the research section “Moralities” to stay at the University of Bayreuth for an exchange of ideas on the topic of moral communication. During his stay, the professor of Applied Linguistics gave a public lecture on “„Moral talk: debates about its forms, functions and value in political life”... more

Fellow Portrait: Dr. Melina C. Kalfelis - 19.02.2020

The fellowship program of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence was founded with the purpose of strengthening its transdisciplinary agenda. In the academic year 2019/20 a total number of fourteen fellows are hosted at the University of Bayreuth. Dr. Melina C. Kalfelis, who belongs to the first group of Cluster fellows visiting Bayreuth, is currently in Ghana but will be expected to return in June for the remainder of her granted stay. ...more

Symposium Intersectionality - 10.02.2020

Since October 2019, the topic of intersectionality has successfully been added to the studies’ programme of the University of Bayreuth. In the beginning of February, a symposium on the topic brought more scholars and students together for a valuable exchange. ...more

International Conference “Frontiers in Digital African Research”- 05.02.2020

The conference “Frontiers in Digital African Research” held at the Iwalewahaus from 30th January to 1st February 2020 brought together international researchers and specialists from various disciplines involved in the digital transformation of research data processes, be it the constant development of knowledge databases or repositories, modelling theory and practices or legal and ethical considerations revolving around digitalization projects. ...more

Cluster of Excellence’s PI founds new Master's Program - 04.02.2020

The new Master’s Program titled "Global History" launched by the Cluster of Excellence’s Principal Investigator Prof. Dr. Joël Glasman and Prof. Dr. Kristin Skottki can boast a successful start. After its take-off this academic semester, application for the upcoming winter semester 2020/21 may be submitted until 15 July 2020. ...more

Art meets Science: „From Plastic to Microplastic” - 03.02.2020

After a first successful visit in 2019, South-African artist Mbongeni Buthelezi will be back at the Iwalewahaus this February. A number of public events will give the interested public an opportunity to watch his artistic process live and engage with the artist while he creates art from plastic waste. ...more

Statement of the "Institut für Afrikastudien" (IAS) and the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence of the University of  Bayreuth - 27.01.2020


Cinema Africa presented AfriKaleidoskop – a film night at a historic movie theater - 22.01.2020

The Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence will continue its cinematographic endeavors in 2020. First stop: an invitation to see three outstanding movies during an extensive movie night. More events are planned. ...more

Afrika@School: Teaching children about Africa - 20.01.2020

Since 2018, the Model African Union (MAU) Bayreuth e. V. is organizing “Afrika@School” – a project teaching German school children about Africa. Continuing its success story and supported by the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence, the project organizers are planning several events for 2020. ...more

Conference “Africa challenges” is calling for papers - 15.01.2020

The African Studies Association in Germany (VAD e.V.) is organizing the conference “Africa challenges” which will take place at the end of September 2020 in Frankfurt. The conference has just issued a call for papers for its many panels, one of which is convened by Anna Madeleine Ayeh, member of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence. ...more

International Conference: “African Studies and land questions in Africa” - 14.12.2019

From 27 through 29 November 2019, an international conference took place at the University of Cape Town in South Africa debating an issue that is at the heart of African Studies today: Land questions in Africa. Scholars from various fields illuminated the topic from a large spectrum of perspectives and disciplines. ... more

International Postdoctoral Working Groups: Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies calls for proposals - 13.12.2019

The Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies has just released a call for proposals regarding their longstanding Working Group program. The deadline for applications is 15 January 2019. ... more

Research group project scrutinizes refugee camps - 12.12.2019

As part of the Cluster’s Research Section “Mobilities”, the research project “Africa in the Global History of Refugee Camps (1940s to 1950s)” has set out to examine the make-up of refugee camps in Africa looking beyond the Eurocentric history of the topic and focusing on three interrelated case studies. The research project is designed to run for a period of four years. ...more

BIGSAS issues a call for PhD-scholarships for women from the African continent - 11.12.2019

A new call for scholarship applications has been issued within the African Multiple Cluster of Excellence. The Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies, BIGSAS, offers two scholarships for two female PhD students from the African continent. Applications may be submitted until 9 February 2020. ...more

International Conference – Frontiers in African Digital Research - 28.11.2019

The section "Digital Solutions" within the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence is organizing an international conference for the end of January 2020. The conference "Frontiers in African Digital Research" aims to provide a platform for international scholars and experts to exchange ideas and experiences. ... more

A cinematographic journey across the African continent: Cinema Africa in Bayreuth - 26.11.2019

The film festival “Cinema Africa 2019” brought four extraordinary movies to Bayreuth taking the audience on a unique cinematographic journey across the African continent. Around 280 people attended the four-day film festival and had a chance to discuss the films with each of the directors. The twelfth edition of “Cinema Africa” took place between 21 and 24 October 2019. ...more

Panel Discussion: Racism and the New Right in German Contexts – 24.11.2019

In a Knowledge Lab Panel Discussion taking place on 21 November 2019 invited Cluster members to debate racism in German academia. The group also defined means to an ethical conduct within African Studies in general and the Cluster's Research Environment in particular. ... more

BIGSAS Journalist Award 2019 celebrates outstanding reporting on Africa in German speaking media - 06.11.2019

On 29 October 2019, the BIGSAS Journalist Award was presented for the fifth time. In the presence of a considerable number of guests, the festive ceremony honoured this year’s winners who engaged in outstanding journalism on the African continent. ...more

Interdisciplinary conversations – the cluster’s kick-off conference debated important questions of African Studies today – 05.11.2019

At its kick-off conference, the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence welcomed 390 scholars in at the end of October in Bayreuth. The international networking conference “Africa Multiple: Conversations and Building Networks” mainly tackled topics that are high on the Cluster’s agenda. ... more

Call for Papers: “Intersectionality: Theory, Approach, Activism” 30.10.2019

The Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence and the GeQuInDi network at the University of Bayreuth have issued a call for paper proposals for a three-day symposium on “Intersectionality. Theory, Approach, Activism”. The event will take place the beginning of February 2020. ...more

“Cinema Africa” celebrates its twelfth edition 29.10.2019

At the end of November, the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence will present the African film festival “Cinema Africa”. In total, four movies will be shown at Cineplex Bayreuth to demonstrate the wide range of filmmaking that the African film industry has to offer. ...more

Official signing of agreements with ACC 29.10.2019

On Thursday, 24.10.2019, the president of the University of Bayreuth and representatives of the four African Cluster Centres came together to sign the official agreement of cooperation. With the signing of the contracts, the African Cluster Centres, namely the University of Lagos (Nigeria), Moi University (Eldoret, Kenya), Université Joseph Ki-Zerbo (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso), and Rhodes University (Grahamstown/Makhanda, South Africa) have become members of the Cluster allowing for a new intense collaboration in research. ...more

Cluster’s Principal Investigator founds new course of studies - 24.10.2019

The Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence is supporting the newly founded course of studies “Intersectionality and Diversity Competences” established by the Cluster’s Principal Investigator and member of the Research Section “Knowledges” Prof. Dr. Susan Arndt. The unique course of studies includes a lecture series comprising talks by a number of Cluster members. ...more

The Fragmentation of religious Authority in Muslim Africa. An International Workshop - 23.10.2019

From 10 to 12 October, 2019 the workshop “The Fragmentation of Religious Authority in Muslim Africa” took place at the Indiana University Europe Gateway in Berlin. The workshop explored the topic extensively in one keynote lecture and five discussion panels. ...more

The new call is out – the process for the fellowships of 2020/21 has begun - 22.10.2019

While the first fellows of the winter semester 2019 have just settled in, the Bayreuth Academy in the Cluster is already planning ahead issuing a call for new fellowship applications. In the academic year 2020/21 the Cluster expects to host up to 20 new fellows. ...more

Cluster’s first scholar to be featured on LATEST THINKING - 21.10.2019

Dr. Rémi Tchokothe presented a video on his paper “‘Balladur Visa’ or ‘Visa of Death’? Questioning ‘Migration’ to Europe via the Comoros Archipelago” on the online platform LATEST THINKING making him the first scholar from the University of Bayreuth to do so. ...more

“Fellows enrich the work of the Cluster in multiple ways” - 20.10.2019

The first fellows have arrived at the University of Bayreuth to contribute to various research sections of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence. We talked to the program’s co-founder and Vice Dean of Research Professor Erdmute Alber and to the fellow Doctor Samuel Ndogo from Kenya about their expectations of the Cluster’s fellowship program. ...more

World Music in Fusion – An evening at the Margravial Opera House - 15.10.2019

On 31 October 2019, the first Network Conference of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence will come to a festive close with a unique concert in a unique setting. Five internationally renowned musicians will perform bringing together their traditional instruments for a fusion of styles from classical music to Jazz at Bayreuth’s UNESCO World Heritage site: the Margravial Opera House. ...more

Panel discussion “How to do intersectionality?” - 26.09.2019

A panel discussion that took place on September 19 2019 explored the topic of “How to do Intersectionality” together with renowned expert Prof. Sumi Cho. The debate focused on the methodology and ethics of doing intersectionality analyses, and explored intersectionality as a concept, a theoretical framework and a methodology, but also its implications on the process of policy making and activism. ... more

Workshop “Un-doing post-colonial knowledges. Perspectives from academia-arts-activism” taking place in Bayreuth and Leipzig - 25.09.2019

A workshop that was held between July 19 and 21, 2019 by the Research Section “Knowledges” of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence focused on the topic of “un_doing post_colonial knowledges: perspectives from academia_arts_activism” discussing the manner of how colonial objects should be dealt with today. ...more

FAVT Kampala: Africa Multiple in style - 23.09.2019

In the middle of august 2019, the second to last edition of the FAVT – Future African Vision in Time took off in Kampala Uganda with a series of workshops, conferences – and an impressive fashion show. The festive exhibit opening received a considerable amount of public attention. The roots of this long standing touring exhibit lie in the University of Bayreuth’s Academy of Advanced African Studies and is supported by the Cluster of Excellence. ...more

20th DOCTORAL SCHOOL “FACTORY OF IDEAS” took place in Bahia - 20.09.2019

The Federal University of Bahia opened its doors to special edition of an academic icon: Between 26 August and 6 September 2019 the 20th Doctoral School “Factory of Ideas” took place in Brazil exploring the topic “THE NEW AGE OF EXTREMES: New Forms of Populism, Extremism and Identity Formation in a Transcontinental Perspective”. The Cluster of Excellence supported the traditional exchange of ideas. ...more

BIGSAS Journalist Award 2019 at the end of October 2019 - 20.09.2019

The BIGSAS Journalist Award will be awarded for the fifth time at the end of October 2019. The Award recognizes excellent journalism on Africa in German speaking media. This year, a rather unusual laureate will be announced. ...more

The "Intersectionality and Critical Diversity Literacy (ICDL) Lecture / Workshop Series" – an AMC Measure by the Gender and Diversity Office - 17.09.2019

As envisaged in its concept, the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence has established a Gender and Diversity Office (GDO). For the upcoming semester, the GDO has launched an interesting workshop series on “Intersectionality and Critical Diversity Literacy”. ...more

Cluster of Excellence will offer three research formats in the upcoming academic year - 10.09.2019

Sailing under the flag of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African will provide three research formats for the coming academic year 2019/2020 at the University of Bayreuth: the fellowship program, the postdoc working groups and a program for junior academics. ...more

International Conference: The Cluster of Excellence welcomes its network partners in Bayreuth - 23.08.2019

From October 30 to 31 2019, the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence will host the international conference “Africa Multiple: Conversations and Building Networks” at the University of Bayreuth inviting all its network partners to a valuable exchange. ...more

African Cluster Centres visit University of Bayreuth to define cooperation goals - 02.08.2019

At the end of July, eight representatives from the four newly founded African Clusters Centres in Burkina Faso, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa visited the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence ” in Bayreuth in order to define shared goals and new modalities of cooperation. ..more

“FAVT: FUTURE AFRICA VISIONS IN TIME” brings exhibition to Kampala, Uganda - 28.07.2019

“FAVT: Future Africa Visions in Time” is an ever-changing touring exhibition combining scientific research with the production of art. In its second to last stop the intriguing presentation will be shown to the public in Kampala, Uganda, from 16th august through 15th September 2019. ...more

Cluster of Excellence launches new Fellowship program for the academic year 2019/20 - 23.07.2019

The invitations are out: The Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence will host a total number of 30 fellows in the upcoming academic year. The fellowships at the University of Bayreuth will last between one and six months and are designed to create synergies with the cluster’s particular research goals. ...more

Climate, Migration and Racism – the 9th BIGSAS Literature Festival focuses on main topics of crises - 15.07.2019

On the first weekend of July the BIGSAS Literature Festival of African and African-Diasporic Literatures celebrated its ninth edition discussing topics such as climate change and war as global causes of crises, also scrutinizing the European narrative about the so called “refugee crisis”. ...more


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