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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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Date News
17.12.2020 Cluster research project "Making a Living: Learning trajectories towards the ability to earn a livelihood"
16.12.2020 "Les Fellows sont des ambassadeurs ayant une double mission" – Entretien avec Prof. Dr. Miampika Moundele
16.12.2020 „We must make better use of the expertise from Bayreuth in Berlin!”: Member of German Bundestag Thomas Hacker visits the Cluster of Excellence
16.12.2020 Prof. Dr. Michael Steppat speaks in Moscow on “The Excellence Strategy: Cutting-Edge Research in Germany?”
14.12.2020 New Year Lecture 2021 held by Cluster’s Co-Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Ute Fendler
14.12.2020 Congratulations on the University Medal, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Wanitzek!
13.12.2020 The Cluster launches App “African Alphabets of the Bayreuth Cluster” (AABC)
13.12.2020 “Not so long ago Europe was the continent from where people fled” – an Interview with Jochen Lingelbach
10.12.2020 Personalia: A note from former fellow Dr. S.N. Nyeck
04.12.2020 Interview with Dr. Christine Vogt-William: "Change in the making"
04.12.2020 Great response for the Cluster’s call for artist fellowships
30.11.2020 The Cognitive Empire in Africa: Knowledge, Consciousness, and Epistemic Freedom
10.11.2020 Intersectionality course by Cluster PI goes into another round
10.11.2020 BATATA – Bioeconomy as societal change in Tanzania
05.11.2020 Everyone’s human rights – A series of debates on human rights in Africa
30.10.2020 Interview with Dr. Eleanor Higgs, fellow of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence
30.10.2020 The Cluster publishes “Africa Multiple connects” – a series of working papers
13.10.2020 (++Postponed due to current Corona regulations++) Cinema Africa 2020 – Tuesday is “Cinema Africa Day”
05.10.2020 Selection Process for the Junior Research Groups
03.08.2020 The Cluster’s Literature Festival 2020
31.07.2020 Interview with Ulrike Bergermann
08.07.2020 Interview mit Prof. Dr. Stefan Ouma und Dr. Christine Vogt-William zum Thema Rassismus
06.07.2020 On Racism – An Interview with Prof. Dr. Stefan Ouma and Dr. Christine Vogt-William
29.06.2020 The Cluster’s Stance on Racism and Black Lives Matter
20.06.2020 The Lack of Self-Awareness
18.06.2020 We do not bother on/about who did not come
18.06.2020 Fellow Dr Taofik Olasunkanmi Adesanmi: “The Cluster offers me a formidably promising platform for connection and interpersonal relationship"
28.05.2020 Prof. Dr. Iris Clemens: Learning in virtual environments as a pedagogical and social challenge
25.05.2020 Léwòz a kowona-la - Corona song by Max Diakok
20.05.2020 “Corona Phobia” in Benin: Between Research, Social Dynamic and Sanitary Challenge
14.05.2020 Statement on Achille Mbembe and the Debate over Anti-Semitism
13.05.2020 Vice-Dean Prof. Dr. Erdmute Alber demands more female voices in political consulting
30.04.2020 Fellow Portrait Dr. Susanne Mohr: “I am looking forward to stimulating discussions with like-minded colleagues from various disciplines”
29.04.2020 #LockdownVoices: Cluster of Excellence creates new facebook hashtag
27.04.2020 Cluster intensifies research related cooperation with its international network partners
26.04.2020 Workshop: “Data and Theoretical Perspectives on Colonial Letters”
24.04.2020 Mozambican artist Nuno Silas: "My ideas explore the timeless and different problems of the human condition"
23.04.2020 Arts meet Science: From Plastic to Microplastic
23.04.2020 Imagine The Scenery - an essay by Nigerian artist Aderemi Adegbite (Lagos)
23.04.2020 New online lecture series on “African Literature”
22.04.2020 The Cluster welcomes Professor Ndlovu-Gatsheni
21.04.2020 Cluster Activities Cancelled until 20 April 2020
06.04.2020 Expert from the University of Bayreuth: “Society must learn to live with coronavirus.”
03.04.2020 Africa-researcher on the current handling of the corona-virus pandemic on the continent
16.03.2020 Reconfiguring Mobility Struggles – reflections on a workshop that was not
24.02.2020 Talking moral talks with Dr. Joe Spencer-Bennett
21.02.2020 Reconfiguring African Studies Workshop at Kenyan Moi University
20.02.2020 The Activities of the Postdoc Working Group “Shakespearean Pasts, African Futurities: Entanglements of Memory, Temporalities and Knowledge(s)”
19.02.2020 International Conference “Frontiers in Digital African Research”
19.02.2020 Symposium Intersectionality
19.02.2020 Fellow Portrait: Dr. Melina C. Kalfelis
14.02.2020 „On Worlds and Artworks” mirrors work of the Research Section "Arts and Aesthetics"
14.02.2020 Workshop "SKAnning Space from Africa: Seeing and Becoming"
11.02.2020 Cinema Africa presented AfriKaleidoskop – a film night at a historic movie theater
04.02.2020 Afrika@School: Teaching children about Africa
04.02.2020 Cluster of Excellence’s PI founds new Master's Program
03.02.2020 Art meets Science: „From Plastic to Microplastic”
27.01.2020 Stellungnahme des Instituts für Afrikastudien und des Exzellenzclusters Africa Multiple der Universität Bayreuth
20.01.2020 New Year Lecture: Figuring out How to Reconfigure African Studies
16.01.2020 Conference “Africa challenges” is calling for papers

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