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Cluster of Excellence EXC 2052 - "Africa Multiple: reconfiguring African Studies"

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Date News
18.11.2022 Thinking and doing intersectionality in/from Africa
10.11.2022 2022-11-10 Interview with Prof. Dr. Dhruv Raina
25.10.2022 “A Source of Hope” - Cluster Project Works on Proposed Solutions in the Fight against Human Rights Violations in Africa
24.10.2022 Report on the visit of the delegation of the Federal Republic of Somalia
22.09.2022 Trauer um Ijeoma Loren Uche-Okeke
13.07.2022 Photographic Call "African Spaces"
06.07.2022 Impressions from the annual Cluster Conference on "Medialities"
01.07.2022 Panels
15.06.2022 Cluster Project “Travelling Knowledge” in Athens
14.06.2022 Workshop report: "The Education Alibi in Africa: Towards a critical critically reflexive perspective on the paradoxes of schooling in Africa"
25.05.2022 Let the rhythm move you - Aly Keita in Concert
25.05.2022 Acknowledgement for the contributions to the round table "Decolonial Feminisms"
20.05.2022 Multimedia installation "To Be King" by Christine Dixie at Iwalewahaus
19.05.2022 BIGSAS honorary doctorate for the West African sociologist and women's rights activist Fatou Sow
13.05.2022 ​Bembé do Mercado – Celebrating the abolishment of slavery in Santo Amaro Brazil
10.05.2022 Week of workshops of the five Cluster Centres marks the Half-time at the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence
25.03.2022 Workshop report: Value Chains and security apparatus: On the links between economic and security policy in international order
25.03.2022 To Be King – Christine Dixie
18.03.2022 "The Cluster gives me international visibility for our research"
09.03.2022 Professor Kenneth Kaunda Oluoch (1961-2022): An Obituary
04.03.2022 Statement on the war in Ukraine and the treatment of Africans trying to flee the country
01.02.2022 Research Project and seminar series "The Changing African Idea of Africa and the Future of African Studies"
31.01.2022 Ways of Knowing Africa – the Cluster’s third New Year Lecture
27.01.2022 Public online panel discussion: “With the Help of God(s)? Religious Actors and Sustainable Development in Africa”
24.01.2022 An Atlantic Adventure: Brazilian Film Series in Perspective
(13.08.2022) Minister of State Claudia Roth visited the Cluster of Excellence

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